Putting The Ad in Bad

Dear Three Pilots Of Those Single Engine Aircraft Who’ve Been Repeatedly Flying Over My House Yesterday and Today Pulling Banners Across The Sky Advertising The June 27 Release Of A Certain Sequel Starring A Certain Guy Who Used To Be Married To A Certain Gal Who’s Now Married To Another Certain Guy Who’s Like 20 Years Younger Than Her,


Yeah, you!

Seriously, I get it. The movie’s opening tomorrow. Mission Accomplished. You can go land now and celebrate. Or at least if you must circle around for the umpteenth time, whichever one of you is doing that weird throttle-down thing so that the engine sputters a bit and makes the plane sound as if it’s totally ready to stall a couple hundred feet right over my head? Stop it.


3 thoughts on “Putting The Ad in Bad”

  1. I blame these planes for early slowdown on the 101 yesterday. When the planes came in view, brake lights lit up everywhere as drivers tried to decipher the multi plane message. It’s one thing to market to an audience trapped in slow traffic but to be the cause of slow traffic is bad form indeed.

  2. Yeah, man! I don’t even know WTF this movie is, but I’ve already resolved NEVER to see it!

  3. They were all over town yesterday – spotted them in WeHo, buzzing the Hollywood Hills. Fun job, I s’pose.

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