Trader Vic’s – kinda

[click to see more of the bikinis, drawn on for your protection]

So Saturday night a bunch of us decided to have dinner at Circa 55 in the Beverly Hilton. It’s a nice place, pretty average upscale dining, but what really recommends the place is that it’s adjoining the Trader Vic’s Mach Two.

Gone are the food menu, elaborate decor, and original location within the hotel.

What’s still there?

Well first, all the rum, fresh fruits, and all the crazy barware, and second, all the great bartenders from the original Trader Vic’s.

The pool is just outside, which prompted much speculation from our party about the relative wisdom of keeping the pool so close to all that rum, but our visit proved uneventful.

Drinks were delicious and the drink menu (short of having the boobies covered with a Sharpie) is unchanged.

One thought on “Trader Vic’s – kinda”

  1. I am all for boobies being covered in Sharpie. But in a more “real live boobs with Sharpie on them” sort of way. Happy to know the drinks are still delicious!

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