Metroblogging Los Angeles: Parental Guidance Suggested

ratings_poster1.gifNothing more disappointing when you find that only “some material may not be suitable for children.” Alas, thats what the website “What’s My Blog Rated” says about us here at with its PG rating. Presumably for a little light violence (it picked up the word “punch” being mentioned 3 time, and “dead” once).

Heck, even LAist got a PG-13. The reason? Their page mentions puke and sex.

And you’d think LA Observed would get a G. Nope – another PG-13… apparently Kevin Roderick said “death”, “hell”, and, get this, “tit”!

With a motley gang of bloggers consisting of Zuma Dogg, Joseph Mailander, Walter Moore, and the Mayor himself, its no wonder that Mayor Sam’s Sister City received that holy grail of rating brands: an NC-17.

Have your own blog? Let us know how it rated in the comments.

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24 thoughts on “Metroblogging Los Angeles: Parental Guidance Suggested”

  1. I’m a G, which is probably for the best.

    I ran the Murder Blog at the LATimes through. Guess what that got? R … but the front page of the LATimes is a pure G.

    I just like the little tallies of words. Out of context especially. Things like limb or gay somehow rate as suspect wods.

  2. I get a PG because I mention the death of a friend.

    I guess those old Disney movies that are “G” rated don’t have anyone dying or dead, eh?

  3. We’re PG over hear at LA City Nerd. We talked about the former name of Los Angeles Street 3 times, which got us the higher rating. And, we said murder twice.

  4. Mine got a G.

    This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:

    * asshole (1x)

    I guess that makes sense. Like when Bambi called Thumper an asshole. That was still rated G.

  5. “I guess that makes sense. Like when Bambi called Thumper an asshole. That was still rated G.”

    OMG that made laugh so hard.

  6. was rated G which i don’t agree with one bit
    and rated R for all my fucks shits and asses :)

  7. I have no idea why the parser missed the multiple fucks and shits on my home page, but the 2x “punch” and one “suck” garnered me a PG-13.

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