Script Frenzy check-in

Seven days to go till the end of June — how are your scripts coming?

With a goal of 20,000 words (about 100 pages) I imagine that ideally you’d be on about 13,000 words, or page 66.

So, how’s it going? Is your word/page count where you want it? Is your story what you thought it would be? How about your characters? What do you hope to accomplish in the next week?

(By the way, I am not participating in Script Frenzy because I already write screenplays and didn’t really think I needed to add another one to my plate. But I am an enthusiastic bystander and cheerleader.)

7 thoughts on “Script Frenzy check-in”

  1. My page count is a little low at the moment (46) but I’m at 12,000 words … it’s tragically bad … in a bad way.

  2. My middle kid has decided to write his first novel now that school is out, he is not sure if he will be done by July 1 or not. He just picked up #6 & 7 of the Pendragon series and wants to finish those before we are back too.

  3. Just got to 8,200 words. I should finish if I power through the rest of the week, no problem. 3,000 words a day will do it.

    Then the editing starts.

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