Poll: Will Rocky Delgadillo resign?

Zach Behrens at LAist has a CliffNotes guide of the controversies surrounding LA City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo, from his exaggerated claims of being a pro football player to more recent revelations that his own wife crashed a city owned vehicle while her license was suspended… and Rocky had stiffed the city with the bill.

As these revelations pile up, one has to wonder if Rocky will be pressured to resign.

Take your best guess at right, and feel free to leave a more specific guess or analysis below in the comments.

4 thoughts on “Poll: Will Rocky Delgadillo resign?”

  1. doesn’t anyone think it’s strange that these accusations surfaced RIGHT after duder tried to get scientologist sheriff lee baca in front of a judge for contempt of court over this whole letting paris hilton out of jail thing? i mean, i don’t have any love for the dude, but the timing is iiiiiiiinteresting.

  2. D.’s been a piece of crap in my book ever since the whole billboard thing five or six years ago. ¬°Qu√© loser!

  3. i don’t dispute the charges, or the craptasm that follows duder around. at all. the timing was just interesting to me, and maybe me alone.

  4. Delgatillo is a criminal. Delgatillo is a bully who runs the city-atty as a mafia boss. delgatillo is a disgrace to LA people, he should be dismissed immediatly and sentenced by Judge Sauer-craut to 45 days in sheriff Baca’s jail with his wife. No home service allowed. delgatillo is at a dead end. His crimes have caught up with him. I thank the Los Angeles Times couragous writers for exposing the corrupt serial liar Delgatillo.

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