Kaldi Coffee Owns


Recently I’ve been spending a lot of time at Kaldi Coffee in Atwater Village. As you know I’m on the eternal quest for the greatest coffee shop ever and right now Kaldi is definitely fulfilling my needs. It’s at 3147 Glendale Blvd which isn’t too far from my house and is completely bikeable. There’s free wifi, comfy seating, and the staff gets the top rating so far in my book. I’ve been here off and on for months but only regularly the past week and they already know my order before I get to the counter and actually care about making a good cup of coffee. Think Kings Road vs Starbucks. Which is amusing because there’s a brand new Starbucks that just opened up a block or so away and when I passed it this morning it was empty. Meanwhile there was a respectable line at Kaldi of people getting their fix. And as busy as Kaldi might seem, there always seems to be plenty of seating and I’ve never felt rushed being there. I see myself here a lot more in the future.

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  1. The Kaldi in South Pasadena was my savior when I worked at the horrible LA County Building in Alhambra. My friend and I would sneak out to this place and not tell anyone about it. It made us feel like humans rather than our drone status at the office. I’ll have to check out the Atwater version.

  2. Hi Sean. Have you checked out Silverlake Coffee also on Glendale Blvd. a block south where intersects with Silverlake Blvd. They have free wi-fi, lots of inside and outside seats and really friendly workers. Since I live close by I walk there everyday for my caffeine fix.

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