Breaking: Space Shuttle to land at Edwards AFB today, 12:49pm

Oops… this is happening in just a few minutes…

Prepare for a double sonic boom.

Overcast skies in “The Sunshine State” have forced the Space Shuttle Atlantis to opt for a landing window here in California at Edwards Airforce Base. The earliest scheduled window for the touchdown is 3:49 p.m. PST.

If poor weather conditions strike, the Shuttle could again postpone its landing until tomorrow at Edwards or at White Sands in New Mexico.

If you’re thinking of hopping into your car to see how close you can get to watch the landing, check out the comments in yesterday’s post for tips on a better experience.


13 thoughts on “Breaking: Space Shuttle to land at Edwards AFB today, 12:49pm”

  1. Caught it semi-live here in Las Vegas…they broke the regular programming on kvbc to watch it come in. Not as good as the real deal but cool to see none the less

  2. … and I have to add that that was certainly the crappiest and most disappointing 1.7 million bucks I ever spent!

  3. The BOOM! I heard it – I have a geographical advantage to most of you – I live in Palmdale. I took the family out to lunch. Before we got food we stopped in the parking lot of Lowe’s and rolled the windows down – within minutes were heard the double boob, I mean boom!

  4. scared the crap out of me…was walking to lunch in monrovia and the ground shook with the two booms…i swear i thought a huge bomb went off

  5. Yes, it was easily heard in Monrovia. Two deep booms, just a couple minutes before the landing.

  6. I heard it once in Florida. Even though I was expecting it, I spilled wine all over my hand when it happened.

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