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While waiting for a copy job at Kinko’s I took advantage of a 45-minute window to shop at my beloved Brand Bookshop. A charming, old-fashioned store to be sure (with well-defined and labeled sections for even the most anal retentive of us), but check out this link to search their massive inventory online.

Their window is always an eclectic story, and most of the time I only buy things in the window.

Today I actually went into the store because I had more time, and here’s what I came out with. The Ballad of the Whiskey Robber was from the window, and the book about Koko the Gorilla was at the front desk.

Brand Bookshop
213 N. Brand
Glendale 91203

3 thoughts on “Brand Book SCORE”

  1. They have a great selection; a gamut from metaphysical to history, art, novels, gay and lesbian etc. Prices are fair too!

  2. I loved that place, when I was a cubie working in a tower at Brand and Lexington that was my refuge when work got nuts. Managed to find every book Hunter S Thompson ever did there. If you want the odd and obscure as well as mainstream oldies this is the place to be!

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