Serenity 2nd Annual Charity Screening Tomorrow

firefly.jpgHey dorks! I know there are TONS of you out there and, well, you’re reading a blog. Right, well, if you’re the kind of dork who loves Firefly and all that Joss Whedon stuff you’re gonna be super-pumped to hear that the SoCal Browncoats (that’s dork-talk for “Dudes (and lady-dudes) who LOVE FIREFLY) are throwing their second annual charity screening of Serenity tomorrow! It’ll be at the Laemmle One Colorado in Pasadena. Just like the last one all proceeds from the screening and sales items will be donated to Equality Now. Tickets are on sale online until midnight tonight. You can click on the purchase button at the website above. Tickets are $12.50 each online (cause Paypal sticks you a little), or $12.00 when purchased in person. Tickets are only on sale til tonight at midnight online so get to it! (Oh, and you know I love the dorks and the Firefly, I’m not hating. C’mon. Somebody send me pictures of the screening and everyone dressed up like their favorite characters….PLEASE!)

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