In the SGV we import our parking ‘tards

I can’t really rant here because I know “compact” parking spaces aren’t a CA Motor Vehicle Code governed within the parking section so no tickets or towing option when some poor excuse for a human being parks his overbloated no valid excuse for personal transportation over two compact spaces. Those spaces are really local ordinances applying to parking spaces per structure and not an enforceable thingy.

This isn’t so much a rant as documenting our societal sense of courtesy and manners. (This coming from the guy who coined the phrase all is fair in love, war and parking lots).

Todays gems were found at the Hastings Ranch shopping center at 11:45AM when I was making my Vroomans Bookstore run to get reading supplies for the coming road trip. The lot was barely 3/4 full and there were ample spaces to park those monster trucks (actually station wagons stuffed on a truck frame if you want to toss barbs). Couldn’t even begin to make the lame ass excuse “all the regular size spaces were gone hogged by compacts” in their defense given how many open spaces we had today.

Ahole #1 sports paper plates from Canada. The dealer is Lionel Grenier somewhere in Quebec.

ahole2.jpg Ahole #2 visits us from Oregon and felt obligated to hog as many spaces and hang his fat ass ‘Slade ESV out into the aisle blocking traffic movement as well.

Some of the comments on a silly blog spot I drop stuff at often are enlightening on how people are starting to react.
“KEY IT!” — Hoosierguy
“yea f__k that” — Keystone
“” — mojo the racist clown

The latter site has already got several of my better catches posted. Public humiliation can be a powerful tool.

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  1. This is highly frustrating. Where are the parking enforcement when you need them? Oh yeah, they’re in front of my house ticketing residents who have no where else to park for being at metered spots 10 minutes past 8 a.m.

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