Illegal Soapboxin’


We are in the middle of Illegal Soapbox Racing Season.

I. Love. LA. Thank you for whomever organizes this event. It gives me faith in humanity.

Watch the video of the dozens of racers heading down the hill, pure delight. It’s like watching that Soy TV ad with the slow mo bouncing balls, but except the balls are derby racers.

3 thoughts on “Illegal Soapboxin’”

  1. This looks like it could be fun. The funny thing is that for an illegal event they have rules which is kinda like the military intelligence oxymoron. The rules: “Anyone caught testing their car, any soapbox car on an official course that we have used or have used in the past or will use in the future will be excluded from the next race.” The future part kills me, since these are not publicized whats to prevent someone from accidently practicing on a future course?

    The amazing thing is that in the land of nimby’s this didn’t make the news with a bunch of angry homeowners. Their stealth talents are commendable.

  2. “Thank you for whomever organizes this event.”

    -That would be Paul de Valera of Choppercabras / Atomic Cycles in Van Nuys. He got tired of waiting for the Echo Park Soap Box Derby and the Silver Lake Downhill Derby to happen again so he created his own.

  3. Heh. Paul is also always throwing crazy bike-related shindigs at his shop too. I made it to the viking ride last year and there is something distinctly beautiful about seeing 100+ people cheering as 6 or so riders brutally destroy Mad Maxian bikes during the demolition derby (last rider on a semi-ridable bike wins) or watch grown men on rusted out kids bikes struggle to pull a chariot like some kind of dystopian circus bear race. Search for “choppercabras” on YouTube for videos of some of the past events. He’s pretty diligent about putting the flyers up on his site too…

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