WTF – Traffic?

So what’s the damn deal with the 134 to the 101?

For two years I’ve been making this same drive on Monday and sometimes Wednesday mornings. It takes 20 minutes. ALWAYS. My house to Sherman Oaks.

Last Friday it took 45 minutes, the 134 was jammed the whole way with no lane closures or wrecks I could see. Then today the trip took AN HOUR.

Same deal – no wrecks, lane closures, Amber alerts – just standing still traffic all the way from the 5/134 to when I bailed the 101 at Woodman.

Is there something somebody needs to tell me?

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  1. Wish I knew what to tell you pal, but that stretch of the 134 is a bugger most of the time I go through in the morning until after 10. I checked the chp site, and found nothing unusual reported on their either.

  2. I work in the Disney Channel building right by the 134 and I can see the freeway from my window. It’s been pretty bad for teh past few weeks westbound. Don’t know what to tell you, I know thety closed the ramps at Hollywood Way.

  3. I hear you Ruth. Last week, I had to drive from Burbank to Westwood, which usually takes 40-60 minutes on a weekday afternoon. Last week it took 2 hours. The hell?

  4. anyone know why the 5 north _after_ the 134 slows down for no apparent reason right at burbank, only to flow again a few streets later? that one bugs the crap outta me. no change in the number of lanes, it’s just like burbank has a forcefield or something

  5. I have to agree that it’s because it’s summer. EVERYTHING is slower. I have 4.5 miles from home to work and it takes me over 30 minutes most days with all the new construction and there being generally more people out with no where important to be.

  6. The old conventional wisdom was that in the summer, kids were out of school, so traffic should be light. I remember in the 90s, traffic would always be light in the summer, and heavy in the fall when kids went back to school, so I don’t think the school reason is valid, and in any case, I don’t think it matters anymore. I’ve noticed that traffic is heavier on Wednesdays and Thursdays.. maybe those are the days the trucks make their deliveries?

  7. That’s yet another transition I now avoid in the mornings. But it’s not a recent phenomenon — it’s been bad for a long time now. To commute from Los Feliz to Brentwood, I used to take the 5, to the 134, to the 101, to the 405. Now I just do surface streets to the 101 then get off and do surface streets again. It’s craptacular!

  8. anyone know why the 5 north _after_ the 134 slows down for no apparent reason right at burbank, only to flow again a few streets later

    I’ve always theorized that it is caused by the Western & Alameda exits, where is is possible to drive through and back on to the 5, in effect adding an extra lane. The slowdown happens right before the Olive exit, where the “extra” lane has to merge back in.

  9. Little known fact: Time actually slows down right as the 134 bottlenecks into the 101. No one knows why. Some say that an overabundance of condo developments can do that. Not sure about that.

  10. Ha! My commute from Northridge to Burbank (22 miles) takes me over an hour at least 3 times a week. I’ve found that in the evenings it’s actually quicker to just take surface streets all the way home… lights and all.

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