L.A. County Sheriff and U.S. Immigration Services Doing Great Work As Usual

Did anyone see the news that the Department of Homeland Security and the L.A. County Sheriff office are being sued for deporting a 29-year-old mentally disabled man and abandoning him in Tijuana despite the fact that he was a U.S. citizen? He’s now lost and his family has been unable to find him. Bizarrely, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement insists it has done nothing wrong, releasing a statement saying “ICE has no reason to believe that it improperly removed Pedro Guzman.”

Hot on the heels of that tidbit comes news that the ACLU has filed a federal suit against the U.S. government for sedating deportees against their will. Central in that story is Raymond Soeoth, a Christian minister who is an Indonesian citizen that was forcibly injected with Haldol while being held in a San Pedro detention center. Haldol that was prescribed without an exam, no less. The other man referenced in the case, Amadou Diouf, was being deported despite a court order:

At Los Angeles International Airport on an airplane bound for Senegal, officials pushed Diouf to the ground and injected him with an unidentified psychotropic drug after he tried to talk to the flight’s captain, the ACLU alleged.

Am I the only person that feels like the ’08 election just can’t come soon enough?

4 thoughts on “L.A. County Sheriff and U.S. Immigration Services Doing Great Work As Usual”

  1. Just to note, apparently the authorities say Pedro isn’t mentally disabled. Of course they say that’s based on what the mom said, and not any doctor’s exam. And I’m still not sure what the hell his mental fitness has to do with ICE kicking a citizen out of the country.

    As for drugging detainees, the L.A. Times did a story about it last month. In the Diouf case, he was drugged because he wanted to tell the captain of the plane that his exportation had been stayed.

    As for the election, my bet is apathy wins, again.

  2. Sigh elections won’t change much, its been business as usual since November. Apathy isn’t so much a problem as a symptom, there hasn’t been anything to get enough people fired up in to action in a few years now to make any real changes.

  3. Thanks for the laugh El Chavo..”weird 80’s dudes” need that in an otherwise dismall string of events.

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