Down By The River Side

My rides up along the L.A. River Bikeway these last couple weeks have been filled with curiosity each time I’ve passed by this extra large and largely intriguing portrait painted on the west bank north of Fletcher Avenue, so I finally allowed myself enough time pre-ride to venture to the waterway’s east bank and point a camera at her (click to biggify):

A lotta work went into this, and it looks like a whole bunch of emotion, too. Anyone know anything about the artist or his/her subject?

9 thoughts on “Down By The River Side”

  1. Awesome exmple of urban art, wish I knew if this was the done stage or if they have more planned.

  2. I had the same question as to its completion Fraz. It looks like there might be more to come, but it doesn’t seem to have changed in the several weeks since I first noticed it.

  3. Thanks Will, maybe we should get them a walmart gift card to help them with their supply needs.

  4. This is a smile now cry later piece as one of the commentators wrote. But what makes this one cool or unique, are the tears on both her eye’s, the first set of tears out of the eyes are tears of pain, but the one just below, is one of time served. Don’t know if this was a girlfriend to the artist and has made a mural just for her, and she was definitely “payasa” aka “clown” in English. Nice job on posting this.

  5. i have often wondered about this piece too, as it’s near my place. my latest theory was that it might have been made by someone in a clown clowning gang, you know, that street dance style where the kids dress up like clowns and do these “krump” dance battles?

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