Director seeks “date” for own movie premiere… on Craigs List

Peter Sciretta at /film discovered a CraigsList personal ad (under “strictly platonic”) supposedly for a director looking for a male date to escort him to his own movie premiere at the end of June.

The “director” explains he just moved here from New York, and hasn’t been able to meet anyone because of those long hours behind the camera.

No, you don’t have to sleep with me. Just want a reasonably good looking guy at my side as I walk down the red carpet. It’s a once in a lifetime event – why not share it?

…There are no responsibilities beyond the premiere and the party. If we hit it off – great, we can be friends…

Qualifications include someone who is “good looking” although “incredibly good looking” would be nice, not crazy, and “willing to go along with the charade for the fun of it.”

Sounds like someone wants a gigolo looking for a freebie to me…

Peter at /film plays the game of elimination and ends up with his best guess: director George Ratliff, 38, whose film “Joshua” is being released at the end of the month.

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  1. Gawd that is too funny, I love the craigslist freakshow and follow the “best of” for kicks and giggles on a bad day.

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