Chain Link Misery


Some time ago the fast food joint on Ave. 26 & Figueroa added this lovely touch to their parking lot decor; a chain link fence to keep people off the small patch of grass. What a bunch of jerks. This move is especially deplorable as this served as a small island of respite for the constant flow of bus riders that wait here to make a connection. If there was an award for the best example of anti-pedestrian, anti-bus rider, anti-human architecture, this fence would be a worthy nominee.

A few more miserable pics after the jump…



Boo, hiss to the diabetes clown!

14 thoughts on “Chain Link Misery”

  1. Maybe some new, improvised signage should be attached to the fence, perhaps telling the neighborhood what a wonderful establishment this is and how much this welcoming touch is appreciated.

  2. That trash lying about might be your first clue as to why the fence went up.

  3. The little bit of trash might be a clue why it was put up, but wouldn’t it have been cheaper to put out a couple of trash cans and hope people get the clue? Maybe I ask too much sometimes.

  4. TUA,
    Considering the trash is an empty McD soda cup and that they don’t provide any trash cans outside, that’s not a very good justification.

  5. Have you asked management what the McFuck is up? It seems ridiculous to have an unsightly chain link fence up around a lawn that is there to make things look nicer…

    My guess is there’s more of a reason. Drop them an email or phone call (heck, I’ll do it if you can’t)… and if indeed its just an move of utter McAssholery, you’ll be able to quote them on it.

  6. Did anyone notice the self storage company sign right below the McDonalds sign? The fence looks like something a company like that would put up for security purposes. Maybe they share the same parking lot and for insurance purposes a fence had to be installed.
    Just a thought.

  7. I slipped in here last week and the drive-thru was crawling with hobos. There were guys blocking traffic and one was knocking loudly on the window and being ignored.

  8. OMG yes there is a cartel of hobos who hover around the off ramps in lincolon heights begging for money and handouts. What’s funny is that they all look very well fed, plump even. They all hang out with each other on street corners exchanging secrets of how to score more swagger from passing cars/pedestrians. The cops have cracked down on them in recent weeks though so their ranks have thinned a bit but i am sure there will be a resurgence once the heat backs off. Now back to the chain link fence…

  9. real live hoboes? bindle sticks and all?

  10. I think that the fence is there because Mcdonald’s newest campaign is the freshest burgers in town and they are gonna raise cattle on that little patch of grass. You can pickout your cow and eat it all in less than 30 minutes. The Angus Burger just hasn’t caught on like they wanted it to.

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