Hollywood Drive-bys, Crime Maps and a new crime blog

Sometimes we forget how crazy things can actually be in our fair city. Sure, Hollywood has a new shiny surface on it, but underneath there is still some of the sleaze and slime that was so prevalent just 10 years ago. You can see it in this video clip from TMZ where a car pulls up to the Roosevelt Hotel last Thursday night and opens fire at one of the entrances. Yeah. What?! It’s bizarre to me that things like this happen at all, let alone over a parking space (so I hear.)

Unfortunately, crime is something that is all too prevalent in LA today. You already know about LAPD’s Crime Maps (here & here) now you can also check in on “It’s a Crime” from the kids over at dailynews.com blogs. It’s a pretty impressive run down of what’s been going on across the city in crime. As well as offering a daily crime blotter with the daily crime rundown, there’s also a lot of stories here that don’t get much press attention but are, I think, still pretty important to know about. The way that some of the articles are hidden behind jumps is a little bit awkward but overall this is a very informative site. Take a look.

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  1. Somehow that just reminds of how much I hate the club lifestyle – some people take it too seriously to begin with, and then there are the assholes who feel the need to bring a gun with them.

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