Sweatin’ Bullets: Suck it

bigmargarita.jpgPhoto by Kathy/astrangegirl: “This is what a $20 margarita looks like.” Used under Creative Commons.

Big congrats to Eating LA’s Pat Saperstein and Advice Goddess/Blog Slapper Amy Alkon on their LA Press Club Awards. Pat won for Best Individual Weblog, and Amy received two awards, for Best Signed Commentary, and another for Best Newspaper Headline.

Dateline>City of Angels does a post-mortem on the Griffith Park fire and its possible link to the Feliz Curse (I wrote about this curse as being one of LA’s top legends a few months ago).

Cindy Mosqueda asks, “What songs will be playing on your summer soundtrack?” and offers her own mixtape over at Loter√≠a Chicana.

Does Zuma Dogg really need more attention? Probably not. But I’m going out on a limb and calling him the best citizen journalist in the L.A. blogosphere. That said, he’s started a new site to act as a clearinghouse of his assorted posts and videos at Zuma Times.

Jill Leovy, who logs every murder in L.A. on The Homicide Report, gives some awkwardly good news for future gunshot victims: you’re about 80% likely to survive. “For every person shot and killed in Los Angeles, roughly four or five others are wounded by gunfire but survive, many of them maimed for life.”

Shameless Plug: In case you missed it, on Saturday I put out a call for new authors to join blogging.la – the submission period remains open for the next few days, so if you’re interested please take a peek at what we’re looking for.

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  1. That margarita violates Miss Piggy’s prime directive: “Never eat anything bigger than you can lift.”

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