Last Night In The Grave Yard

Holy Mountain

In case you’d missed it the cinespia screenings at Hollywood Forever have started back up again and they are including a few bonus Sunday showings. This is really one of the coolest things to do in LA during the summer and the best advice you’ll ever get is don’t even think of driving. Ride a bike and skip all that line waiting.

7 thoughts on “Last Night In The Grave Yard”

  1. LOVE me some cinespia!! Can’t wait to go this summer.

    If you’re into this kind of fun stuff, check out Jon’s post on the OC Metblog about the Drive-In returning to the OC. I saw Ocean’s 13 last week. It was great!

  2. the crowds for this are now completely overwhelming. i feel bad for the people living in that neighborhood. i also noticed the cinespia folks have deleteted at least one complaint/suggestions for changes from their myspace profile. why not address the issues head on?

  3. We in the neighborhood LOVE it because it’s the best thing to do in LA on saturday night and it’s right around the corner.

    Way to make the bike in trick a little less of a secret!

    Oh and for those biking in, some dick brought his bike onto the actual lawn yesterday and propped it UP in the non chair area. Lock it up on the side people.

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