Hawk Watch ’07

Just a quick update. Magoo, named because of his myoptic habit of flying into things has made it back up into the tree and nest. Spotted him a couple of times attempting to fly back up, hit a garbage can, skidded down the roof of a parked car, clotheslined itself on a flag pole and some other antics all the while I was without camera.

I did get a picture of him up on a branch next to the nest near the top of the Chinese Elm his parents built a few years ago. (you know the drill to make it bigger).

We have managed a glimpse of the sibling still in the nest as well and waiting for them both to start hunting. With luck they’ll both be out at the same time and close enough I can photo them together.

4 thoughts on “Hawk Watch ’07”

  1. lisa bee stutters…
    Actually I think Magoo’s problem is inexperience more than anything else. Kinda like walking the first time for a little one of our species.

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