Drink of the Week: the Lazarus

[click for – isn’t it time you came up with one of these jokes?]

Are you sensing a theme to my drink recommendations? Because really I have no agenda.

That said, here’s this week’s drink, which should give you that little extra pep and refreshment we’re all so eager to find at the bottom of a bottle:

The Lazarus
1 1‚ÅÑ2 oz Blue curacao
1 1‚ÅÑ2 oz vodka
1/4 c Lemonade
1/4 c Orange Juice
1/4 c limeade
Splash of 7up

Certainly you can use the fresh juice in the produce department to save time. Extra credit to you if you use Lime Ice or Lemon Ice Cubes in the glass.

It should look pale green if properly made.

Next week a drink I made up myself….

3 thoughts on “Drink of the Week: the Lazarus”

  1. your classic highball glass is in order…look at the size of the glass used in the pic

  2. I didn’t realize that a classic highball glass has flamingos on it. ;) Flamingos aside, that glass looks more like an old-fashioned glass to me, although the shape is more like a shot glass (which it obviously isn’t).

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