July 4th “Season” Has Begun

I guess today was the day all the hundreds of “safe and sane” fireworks fetishists in my Silver Lake vicinity made the trip out and back to whatever bassackwards county allows the sale of such stuff. And as a bonus for shopping early there must have been a “Buy 100 Get 100 Free” special on bottle rockets because the sound of them while only sporadic tonight portends of what’s to come these 20 Days of July 4th, wherein even after the countless time that fucking lametown weakass “psssssh-whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiistle-pop” going off 32.37-feet overhead just never gets goddam old does it?

If I could just get everyone to pool their resources and launch all 50,000 at once instead of slowly and painfully and one-at-a-timedly over the days leading up to and after Independence Day…? Cool!

6 thoughts on “July 4th “Season” Has Begun”

  1. also – mexico beat costa rica in the 97th minute of the gold cup quarterfinals today. this caused much fireworking in my neck of the woods (6th/alvarado) today. there goes another!

  2. palm trees are the best targets….a direct hit and you have a giant torch to share with your ‘hood.

  3. When we were stuck in the O.C., we were somewhat surprised that not only were there fireworks booths all over the place, but apparently, many of them were operated by local churches. They truly are different over there.

  4. I noticed. We’re now busily playing that old summer fave, “Was that a gunshot, or a firecracker?” in our living room. Considering that someone was basically shot 3 feet from our lawn about a month ago, the urge to get prone has been added to this year’s game.

  5. Oh. That made me laugh – I used to live in LA, but now live in Houston, Texass. We have to deal with that crap as well. TPing houses is really popular here too.

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