Checking In: Cliff’s Edge Restaurant

Yeah, I know that Cliff’s Edge in Silver Lake ain’t no new thing. It’s been around since 2004 and gotten a lotta love as well as a fair amount of complaints about:

• the prices vs. portions
‚Ä¢ the fact that there’s neither a cliff nor an edge in the vicinity
• the reputed bad service (that I personally have never experienced ever)

But be them as they may, the Cliff’s Edge garden with its towering ficus tree is a favorite local spot of my wife and me and so last night we were there to celebrate our “cotton” anniversary. Let me tell ya, just as long as they keep their awesome french fries with gorgonzola dipping sauce ($6) and pumpkin ravioli ($16) on the menu we’ll keep on coming back for more!

Cliff’s Edge, 3626 Sunset Boulevard (at Edgecliffe Drive), 323/666-6116

Please forgive my phun-with-photoshop-philters photo of the Cliff’s Edge patio (it’s a bit better biggified)(.

6 thoughts on “Checking In: Cliff’s Edge Restaurant”

  1. Yum, Will, I’ve been meaning to try this place (for like two years…) and now you’ve given me inspiration. I LOVE gorgonzola!~

  2. I had my wedding dinner there and the food and service were amazing. We go back whenever we can afford it.

  3. A favorite dish of mine is the Warm Seafood Salad ($16 I think). It’s reeeeealy good and a good sized portion. But last night I had the Seared Sea Scallops with Leaks and a Citrus Sauce, and that was delish! And the patio with it’s thatched and corrugated tin roof and bamboo railing reminds me of Kirurumu’s tented lodge in Tanzania on the rim of the Great Rift Valley.

  4. My favorite thing so see if the often-drunk proprietor putting his hands down the loose pants of his latest (and also drunk) conquest in the patio in full view of the patrons. It adds a touch of class, I think.

  5. I suppose one of these days I’ll have to try both Cliff’s Edge and Blair’s.

    If you’re a ravioli fan, you’ve got to try the artichoke filled ravioli with pecan cream sauce at Dusty’s. It’s great.

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