Baby Hawk First Flight

babyhawkpub.jpg The first of the Hawklets flew from the nest for the first time this evening. We think it was a free flight not an accidental fall. Can’t tell as the poor thing still has a few of its baby pin feathers visible. When I first approached he flew about 10 feet so I zoomed in with the telephoto. Then he took off again and flew into the neighbors garage door with a big thump. He looked a little dazed. The parental units were watching it and us very closely so I think all will be well with the little bugger. Will keep you posted.

Hard to believe I get one nesting pair of hawks on my street, even cooler that I get two. I missed the rat feast yesterday where several in the ‘hood saw one of the adults pull a big rat off the electric wires. Hunting season is going to be good around here this year for them!

6 thoughts on “Baby Hawk First Flight”

  1. That baby hawk is so dang cute in his pre-fierce hawkness. I want to kiss it. Can’t wait for more on the story. Have you named any of them yet?

  2. LOL…we named this one Magoo as his vision is in question after flying into the garage door.

  3. Hey frazgo.. are your baby hawks the same as mine?? Hill St in Eagle Rock? just askin

  4. nope beachy….I’m in outer monrovia so yours makes the 4th pair who have taken up residence here in LA!

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