Adieu Sea Level, Dios at Summer Camp

So I’m about to run out to Summer Camp at Little Radio, where the third band that’ll be playing today is Dios (also Dios Malos, but not Ronnie James…). Wee! But first, the poignant last show at Sea Level.


The mural on the wall says “New and rewarding opportunities will soon develop for you.” (No, the photo’s not flipped, it really is backwards.)

Frankel did it justice (if you missed ’em, they sound a lot like an Elliot Smith – Jon Brion – sunny/sad thing and they’re playing around a lot in the next few weeks, I think) and they had free food and booze. Still…it was a bit melancholy. But Sea Level Todd reports an increasing sense of relief and a “light at the end of the tunnel” sensation. Your passion should never become an albatross around your neck…good on him for making the leap.

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  1. Dios Malos rule. Then again so does Ronny James Dio… but in a whole other way… in that metal midget way.

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