Venice Art Wall comes under regulation

venice%20art%20wall.jpg I’m not sure how it will impact this long standing institution, but the Venice Art Wall aka the Graffiti Wall now is regulated requiring a permit and has a set of rules in place effective June 3, 2007. The goal to make the area more urban art and less tagging makes the effort to regulate worth trying.

I’ve always been a fan of Venice Beach and a bigger fan of the whole Urban Art movement. What these guys can do with little formal training and a spray can never cease to amaze, shock and stun. Part of the charm of areas where they do their work is that it is in a constant state of change and its always a nice surprise to see what is there. Time will tell whether the regulations will help a piece stay up longer so more can enjoy or if it will stifle the process. (My big brother alert goes off as I fear the permit holder could be linked and somehow chased down to art done elsewhere with out an approving audience so we’ll just have to watch this one unfold).

Certainly anytime we put aside areas where they can do their art and share it we all benefit. It would be nice to see a few more areas set aside for just this sort of art to happen around the city. Certainly would be a better venue and the results are much nicer than simple tagging that just mucks things up.

There’s even a Flickr Group with a nice selection of photos documenting the creative process.

Thanks to Nick Rossi who alerted us to these changes at one of my favorite spots in LA!

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  1. I used to love skateboarding in The Pit back in the day. I was kind of upset when they decided to tear it down to its current look but its nice that they have tried to preserve it.

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