Los Angeles needs to GoLoco

Picture%204.pngIf you’re like me, carpooling with complete strangers is hella creepy. And if you’re like me, the idea of “making friends” online via MySpace or other social networking sites is also a bit creepy. But if you differ from me on either of the above, GoLoco may be a solution to your transportation problems.

In short, GoLoco is an online service that helps match you up with a carpool thats heading in your general direction, even allowing you to pay for your share of the gas ahead of time (or, if you’re the driver, setting a rate and collecting your dough before the pickup).

What makes this particularly genius is that GoLoco is also a sort of social networking site, so you can “break the ice” with potential carpool buddies ahead of time, or even create carpools based on shared interests along with shared destinations – I’m picturing a ride from Hollywood to Santa Monica with fellow “Lost” junkies, passing the rush hour in no time while trying to predict whether or not Jack and Kate ever really got off the island…

Developed by Robin Chase, who previously created the rent-by-the-hour Zipcar, GoLoco appears to have made some traction in the Bay Area, but not down here in So Cal… at least so far. While the utilization of social networking to have some real world, practical application is fantastic, could it fly in a city such as Los Angeles?

…h/t Wired magazine, June 2007… more coverage at Treehugger… photo from the LA Times photographic archive at the UCLA Library, used under Creative Commons

2 thoughts on “Los Angeles needs to GoLoco”

  1. The zip car has promise….the hourly rates are really nice for short term, but the per day prices are pretty steep. I’d be curious to see where it is a year from now in terms of costs and problems arising from accidents before I jump on that train.

  2. LA has Flexcar too! I sold my jeep a few months ago. Now I ride the redline to work, bike around the neighborhood, and flexcar it out to wherever if i have to. i love my life.

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