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Last weekend I went to a friend’s baby shower. It was a potluck in a park, which as far as I’m concerned makes it better than 99% of baby showers (and it doesn’t hurt that I really adore the mom). As an added bonus, the park was quite close to my house. What really struck me was that I had no idea it was there. I guess I’ve always driven past too quickly, or from the wrong direction to see it.

Another friend of mine told me later that James Ellroy used to sleep in the park (which she says was even better before the city built a fence around it). I just may have to dig my husband’s Ellroy books out of the discard box…

We’ve brought the baby back to the park twice already. He loves the swings, and the sand, and running in the grass; and most of all he loves watching the bigger kids play.

Details: Robert L. Burns Park
4900 Beverly Blvd. @ Van Ness
(I am trying to figure out what neighborhood this is – anyone know?)

Please add your favorite parks in the comments! If you don’t have kids but know of an adult-friendly (non-cruising, please) or dog park, add that – just specify, please, what kind of park you’re recommending.

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  1. You know, I don’t have a baby just yet, and hopefully not for at least another year while we pay off bills, but I appreciate your LA-with-baby posts. Reading most LA blogs, except Franklin Avenue, would make you think that no one has any babies, and we all know that’s not true.

  2. I think a professor of mine who lives nearby would insist that that neighborhood is Larchmont Village (or at least Larchmont Village adjacent).

  3. The L.A. City Nerd’s map of officially designated Los Angeles neighborhoods identifies that park as being in Windsor Square.,+Los+Angeles,+CA+90004,+USA&ie=UTF8&hl=en&msa=0&msid=104511996100170886231.00000111d6ec170ebb74e&ll=34.072124,-118.321187&spn=0.010273,0.014162&t=h&z=16&om=1
    It’s worth noting that Larchmont Village is apparently officially speaking, only the two blocks of commercials shops along Larchmont.

  4. My favorite park, kids or no kids (we are childfree) is Will Rogers Park off Sunset in Pacific Palisades (I think?). Not the beach park, but the park with Will Rogers house. You can watch polo games, hike trails up into the hills, BBQ, pic-nic, tour the house and barns. Mostly my husband I like to get lunch and treats from Trader Joes, take our blanket and hats, baseballs and gloves and frisbees and make a day of it. Even on the sunniest of summer Sundays, there is always plenty of room. Dogs are also very welcome on a leash.

  5. Will Rogers is great. Our son loves Clover Park on Ocean Park in Santa Monica near the airport. Also Culver City Park at Jefferson and Duquesne — Culver City has several good family parks.

  6. If you’re close to Glendale, Nibley Park is the perfect family-friendly park. It’s safe, secluded and a great spot for an impromptu picnic. It does get crowded on the weekends with extendo-family bbqs, but don’t let that stop you from visiting during the week. It’s an absolute delight.

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