Abandoned Cars… Make ’em Vanish!

I live on a pretty quiet and narrow street, but in the past year, three cars have been left abandoned on the street to die a quiet death. It’s always been tedious to get rid of them, taking numerous calls to get the parking violations people out to ticket and then finally remove the vehicles.

Well, those days are over! Because I was out of the country and my neighbors were apparently too lazy to deal (umm…. yeah, me too) this van languished for 4 months without moving. Finally, last week when I got home, I was sick of it being in the way and decided to try the online route to notify the city and Voila! the very next day it was ticketed. Then a couple of days later… gone! Wow! Impressive. One email and it vanished.

If you want to report an abandoned vehicle just go here and fill out the form. Or you can call 1-800-ABANDON (1-800-222-6366). Make sure you have the car’s location/street address, the license plate number, the make and color of the vehicle, and zip code.