Weekend Rock

frankel.jpgThe agenda for this weekend is both bittersweet and exultant.

Frankel Plays the Last In-Store at Sea Level Records, Saturday 4pm…(come early for beer.)
Local multinstrumentalist Frankel (myspace) (aka Michael Orendy, ex-Athalia, Meow Meow) gets the “Band on the Titanic” award for playing the final in-store show at sinking Sea Level. While he plays everything himself on his new album (which was mixed by Earlimart dude Aaron Espinoza), he’s assembled a really great band for live shows (Raymond Richards on guitar and keyboards (The Idaho Falls, Mojave 3, Mazzy Star), Christopher Dion on bass (a recent Detroit transplant) and Rob Poynter drumming (The Harpeth Trace)).* I asked Orendy if there would be Punch and Pie and he said, “Well, I might punch someone.” So, I figure, that’s reason enough to go right there.

Click here for LA Record’s story on Sea Level.

*Yes, I am aware of the embedded parentheses.

Behind the jump: Mezzanine Owls at Summer Camp and Totally Radd!! in the perfect venue for them.

This post has been brought to you by Amber Headlights’ “Domani,” Ghostland Observatory’s “Victory Lap,” and Thee More Shallow’s “2 AM”.

Summer Camp at Little Radio
with Mezzanine Owls, Simon Dawes and some other act I haven’t figured out yet

Sunday 12pm – 6pmmezzanine.jpg
I already blogged about Hot Knives’ kickass vegan- and veggie-friendly food at Summer Camp, and they’ll be there again this Sunday. The Mezzanine Owls are, to my mind, kinda a neo-shoegaze act with Radiohead inflections and delicate, effects-laden vocals–erm, so, they’re good–a buzzsaw just like honey–and a perfect soundtrack to getting a wedgie going down the pool slide thingy. Simon Dawes (myspace) is a band, not a dude, and they’ve got that sunny sound / melancholy lyrics thing going on with a little bit o’ The Kinks in the background, at least in the chord progressions, I think. But I’m prolly wrong. If you haven’t been to Summer Camp it’s amazingly fun, but if you’re anything like me, bring a goddamn hat or parasol or a hella lotta sunscreen. The sun just seems crueler in Downtown.

Totally Radd!!
with Captain Ahab, Juiceboxxx, Anavan, The Bushes
at The Smell Sunday night
If you haven’t seen Totally Radd!! yet (myspace), you really need to. The Smell (website with direx) is wee and narrow, so get there early, snag a spot up front, and don’t budge ’til TR!! goes on. They’ll prolly sweat a lot and it’ll get all over you, but you won’t mind because they rock. A lot. I can never tell if they’re being ironic or totally serious, and I guess it doesn’t matter. They ARE having fun, and that’s what really matters when you’re playing a keytar and wearing spandex. I can also vouch for Captain Ahab and Anavan, but I haven’t heard the other bands yet. I think this will be one of those shows you go see and a few years pass and you’re like, “Damn, I’ll never get to see them in a venue that small again. I’m so glad I was there.”

Mezzanine Owls pic snagged from myspace; send me an attribution, dudes, if you want.
Totally Radd!! artwork by Erik Fountain, who’s really good and needs to make a website already so I can link to it.
Frankel photo by some dude who’s got a myspace profile set to private. Hel-LO.

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  1. i was thinking of trying out the hot knives bbq but i couldn’t find any information on what it costs, and as im kinda broke-ish right now (again!) i don’t want to go down there and be embarrassed. any help?

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