Two shootings on the 710 in one week

I left the office this fine Friday afternoon and got stuck in gawd-awful-worse-than-usual-Friday traffic. The traffic update on the radio said there was some sort of “police investigation” on the 710 near Alhambra (between Valley and the 10 freeway). Lucky me, I had to pass right by there to get where I was headed. Every time the traffic report came on, it repeated the same information… “closed freeway… police investigation… accident involving a Caltrans vehicle.”

I came home and thanks to the intarweb, I find out the police investigation was about a fatal shooting that happened on that stretch of the highway.

Authorities Investigate Second Shooting Of Week On 710 Freeway
CHP Investigation Closes 710 Freeway Near 10 Freeway

LOS ANGELES — A motorist with a fatal gunshot wound crashed into a Caltrans van Friday on the Long Beach (710) Freeway, prompting the California Highway Patrol to shut down the freeway to investigate the slaying. It is the second fatal shooting this week on that stretch of freeway. Investigators said there is no evidence that the two shootings are related.

The man’s southbound car crashed into the center divider near Valley Boulevard, then struck the Caltrans vehicle, at about 11:20 a.m., said California Highway Patrol Officer Francisco Villalobos. A Caltrans worker checked on the vehicle’s driver, believed to be in his 20s or early 30s, and found him slumped over the steering wheel with a gunshot wound, Villalobos said.

The shooter’s vehicle was described as a late-model black SUV with tinted windows. Investigators said the shooting might have stemmed from a road-rage confrontation. Witnesses said they saw the two cars being driven recklessly prior to the shooting.

On Tuesday, a motorist was shot and killed on the 710 Freeway near Third Street, just south of the site of Friday’s slaying. The victim was identified as 25-year-old Michael Miller. Authorities said Miller was helping his girlfriend change a flat tire when a man pulled alongside the disabled vehicle and asked whether they needed help. Investigators said the man shot Miller and fled. [full story]

3 thoughts on “Two shootings on the 710 in one week”

  1. hmmm…curious to know if they recovered bullets and if they came from the same gun. At some point Fox or the other hysteria monger on the tube will jump on the “serial shooter” theory and everyone will run down the same path losing their collective minds.

  2. I was in that traffic too, well on the 60, which I’m sure absorbed some of the diverted 10 traffic.

    I didn’t hear any reports about a shooting, just that it was closed.

  3. I was driving westbound on the 10 Friday night around midnight and they stopped traffic AT MY EXIT. I drove home from working in the OC and was so close to home when everything shut down. It was for less than a half an hour, but there were about a dozen cruisers and a chopper with its lights on circling the area about five cars in front of me. The guys in the car ahead of me were motioning to other cars that the cops had their rifles drawn. But again, I was on the 10. By the Fremont street exit. Do you know if that was about the same thing? It wasn’t an accident…

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