Ticketmaster reproves its douchebaggery

If you had tickets for the now cancelled July 19th Kelly Clarkson concert in Anaheim, you’ll be getting most of your money back… as in the face value of the tickets. But those processing fees from Ticketmaster? Nah… those you won’t be seeing.

From the Consumerist:

Ticketmaster’s processing fees are non-refundable, per their purchase policy… Sadly, you can’t take your business elsewhere, because Ticketmaster has licensing agreements with most of the large concert venues in the US.

Somehow, a couple commenters there are defending Ticketmaster’s policy, as they’re fulfilling their end of the bargain. In the meantime, Ticketmaster has notified screwed ticketholders that they’ll be notified of future presales… but doesn’t point out that customers will be charged, once again, a non-refundable processing fee for a show that could be cancelled yet again at the whim of the performer.

That said, there should be a much higher penalty than $3.75 for buying Kelly Clarkson tickets in the first place, with the fine perhaps going to aa charitable cause… may I suggest “Toy Guns for Tots”?

6 thoughts on “Ticketmaster reproves its douchebaggery”

  1. I sorta remember Pearl Jam’s attempt to take on Ticket Master when they were the “biggest band ever”. They lost. And in 10 years I’ll probably be the only guy I know who remembers that.

    Our Corpocracy is so depressing. There is very little one can do to avoid it. Sometimes I feel like there are meetings, lit by hanging overhead lights and full of cigar smoke, where various members of the Corpocracy meet to complain that my MoneyDispensingMeter isn’t running fast enough!

    (MoneyDispensingMeter? A little ticker like a gas pump gauges that they have implanted on the back of my neck, ike those chicks with the Japanese tattoos. Everyone has one. Just ask anyone in accounting. They’re invisible.)

    So what can they do to get my MoneyDispensingMeter running faster?

    More Pay Parking Lots where the valets just try to park every car in the public spaces to drive business to themselves, and then expect a tip.

    Have the Forest Service charge me for an Adventure Pass to visit the National Forest that my tax dollars already support, but just the parts that they haven’t leased out to Big Oil or Cattle welfare cheats. Where their Cattle shit upstream to make Giardia. So they can sell more bottled water. Those parts are No Trespassing.

    Or send me to the “Farmer’s Market” where I notice the exact same stickers on all the jars of honey. Tell me how good “Organically Grown” food is for me. I’d love to see a story by someone of how all the honey at the Farmer’s Market comes from the same company. Or just a Google Map.

    And all the flowers come from the same place. And the avocados. And the tomatoes. And each individual stall is just a bunch of the same Corporate stuff fronted by some guy with a tarp tent so I can go down there and feel “special”…I’m supporting the local farmers.

    Or maybe not. Maybe it’s just me.

  2. Our Corpocracy is so depressing. There is very little one can do to avoid it.

    I’m horrified to hear that Kelly Clarkson concerts have become mandatory.

  3. i dunno, that first kelly clarkson single was a jam.

    No, it wasn’t. Now walk away in shame.

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