Open Casket Call For The Next Elvira!

Seriously, you cannot make this kind of stuff up. FOX Reality is holding a “casket call” on Friday, July 13th for The Next Elvira. The open audition will be held at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, obviously, because it is all spooky and haunted and stuff. According to the press release, “from the hundreds of horrific hopefuls, Elvira will cut the group down to the unlucky thirteen participants, while the others will be told to “Rest in Peace.”” That’s right, ladies, if you have giant boobs and liquid eyeliner, you can be what Defamer calls “America’s Next Top-Heavy Horror Movie Hostess”!

I’d actually consider auditioning except 1) I am disturbed by this being on FOX and b) July in SoCal is WAY too hot for me to wear a PVC dress down to Long Beach. My eyeliner would totally melt. But you don’t have to be in the LA area – the links on include an application form to be mailed in from anywhere. For the gainfully employed, this also means you can mail in the photos of your “character”, and still go to work on Friday the 13th. Of course, you’ll still have to take the time off in the weeks leading up to Hallowe’en to shoot the three hour-long episodes, which start airing in October. Get your capes, fangs and push up bras out now!