LAFD recovers WeHo FD’s nozzle down to Starbucks at LaBrea and Sunset, I found this fire nozzle abandoned on the side of the road. The only clue to its owners was “Engine 8” etched into the metal on a couple different spots. An initial cursory web search turned up the Porter Ranch station, but they told me it was more likely a County’s nozzle, and probably a station in West Hollywood.

A second search for a station in the West Hollywood area turned up LAFD station 41, on Gardner just a few blocks away. When I told them what I had, they said they’d be right over… and in ten minutes an engine arrived outside to pick up the nozzle. Captain Mark Arnold thanked me for contacting them, but told me it wasn’t their hose, but instead LA County Fire Station #8’s, out of West Hollywood. He assured me he’d be giving them a hard time for losing their equipment.

4 thoughts on “LAFD recovers WeHo FD’s nozzle”

  1. What an awesome find, David! And good for you for getting it on its way back to its proper home. If I’d found it I would’ve played tug of war between turning it in or turning it into a lamp if I couldn’t figure out some way to adapt it to a garden hose.

  2. Maybe its because my dad was a firefighter, or maybe its because I know firefighters in general have saved our collective asses on countless occasions here in L.A., or maybe because I knew writing about it would make for a better blog post, but I never gave more than a glancing thought to keeping it.

    But had I thought of it as a sweet lamp, maybe I would have thought twice…

  3. David,

    Though the nozzle proved not to belong to our agency, it was our pleasure to return it to a truly appreciative crew at the Los Angeles County Fire Department (LACoFD).

    It should be known by b/la readers that Mr. Markland adamantly declined an offer by LAFD Engine Company 41 to buy him cup of coffee on the spot.

    We hope however, that David will soon make good on his open invitation to join Captain Mark Arnold and the ‘B’ Platoon crew at LAFD Station 41 for a freshly-brewed cup whenever he has the time.

    In closing, please know that fire nozzles are essential to our vocation. David’s thoughtfulness and sense of personal responsibility saved the crew at LACoFD Station 8 many hours of paperwork – and the taxpayers of Los Angeles County hundreds of dollars.

    Any City of Los Angeles resident who finds misplaced Fire Department equipment or supplies is encouraged to contact us via 3-1-1.

    Respectfully Yours in Safety and Service,

    Brian Humphrey
    Public Service Officer
    Los Angeles Fire Department

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