Great Brekkie..’nother Monrovia Institution

brekkieatjakes.jpg Part of me says to keep my big mouth shut and keep Jake’s Roadhouse a big fat secret as the lines to get in are bad enough at times. I’ll give it up as this place is fun with great food at a decent price. Its a pimped out version of an old Route66 diner, nice selection of beer on tap, toss your peanut shells on the floor kind of place.

Jake’s is pretty much our favorite place for breakfast, just get there when they open on weekends to avoid the lines that can rival LeRoys which was blogged here before.

For a quick lunch I’d highly recommend the Barbequed Tri-tip Sandwhich or any of their ribs. They have sidewalk dining available if you want to people watch, An especially good location to be for the Family Festival on Friday night. The other option is a great patio if you want a quieter dining experince located at the back of Jake’s.

They open the doors Friday and Saturday 7AM to 10PM, Sundays 8AM to 3PM, and M-Th 7AM to 9PM.

The big thing here I want you all to know about is that Dave Gayman is one of those businessman that show how easy it is to be a good corporate citizen and give back to the community. His efforts last year helped the Monrovia Art Festival grow its Artwalks to benefit our schools, and the Jazz Festival (citylink) whose profits benefit the local non-profit organizations and the community.

Their info:
Postal address
622 S. Myrtle Ave. Monrovia, CA 91016

2 thoughts on “Great Brekkie..’nother Monrovia Institution”

  1. Frazgo no!!!! please delete this…i love this place. their chili cheese fries are unbegoddamnedleivable. and lydia is really awesome. if random people start showing up ruining my customary friday lunches it will be your head…by the way…your recent rampage of blogs has been legendary..keep it up, monrovia is a forgotten bastard in the area

  2. hmmm…legendary is a scary thought…is it good or indication of a lynch mob coming?

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