Filming in my ‘hood again

filming61507.jpg I’m not sure who issues filming permits around here but there isn’t much communication on the topic. Its kinda cool to see the film crews roll in and do that whole Hollywood thing. The problem lies in location choice and timing today.

I wish I could give you more information but the young rent a security gaurd didn’t appear to be much out of highschool. As I short cutted across the parking lot he got very alarmed and walked over blocking my exit.
He was polite and not sure if he was just a ‘tard or wiley as a fox.

Gaurd…sir, you can’t walk through here?
Moi……..should I run to make you feel better?
Gaurd…nah that’s ok you just can’t be here.
Moi…… what they filming
Gaurd…they ain’t filming nothing
Moi…… why all the cameras, lights and reflectors over there?
Gaurd…oh, you saw them
Moi………yup, from a block away, what is “SL”?
Gaurd…”She left”
Moi…….”She left” is that a movie or TV
Gaurd….TV, no a movie.
Moi………so who’s in it?
Gaurd…She left.
Moi……..the stars name is she left?
Gaurd…yeah, I mean no, she left.
Moi……..who left?
Gaurd….she left.
Moi……..sigh, so both the movie is named she left and the star is she left?

Before this became anything more like a Who’s on First routine I bailed and picked up my 4th grader.

They are filming again at the old Monrovia Hospital Complex.(3rd film this year in fact). The filming can be seen from the corner of Primrose and Lime. The crew trailers are at Lime and Heliotrope.

Great location, just timing was bad to chose today to start. Today was Wildrose Elementary 5th grade promotion so parking was a a premium for the few hundred folks gathered to watch the ceremony.

My frustration lies in not being able to find out what movie this is other than its initials “SL”. My usual reference web
IMDB came up with a movie She Lived which I suspect is NOT the match I am looking for. Does anyone have a better database for searching out what is filiming where?

7 thoughts on “Filming in my ‘hood again”

  1. Just call the film permit office on Monday and they will tell you who is filming where.

  2. Thanks for the idea tammara, tried calling city hall and they don’t disclose the details to us citizens up here in Outer Monrovia. Its the way they do things behind closed doors up here, sometimes I wish they did things more like LA proper!

  3. M…its an intentional typo making fun of the guard, poetic license I believe is the term.

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