Discover Kymaerica


Finally got to see one of Eames Demetrios‘s Kymaerica plaques on the back of Meltdown Comics last night. What’s Kymaerica? From their site:

Kymaerica is the name of a continent in a universe that is parallel to our linear world. Some people call this parallel universe Kymaerica as well, some call it the Kaimarra, some call it the Other Umbrasphere, but, geographically, it is largely consistent with our own. For example, continent Kymaerica is very similar to our linear North America, but the stories that happened there are quite different. Like most of the continents, Kymaerica is divided into what are called gwomes, which is a cognate term meaning “footprint of the nation.” These tend to be human cultures, but not necessarily.

…the heart of the story telling experience so far is physical: we install plaques and create historical sites honoring events from the alternative world in our linear world.

You can find pictures of some of the other markers from places like Cleveland and Paris on Flickr, and they’ve released a travel guide that’s available locally at Meltdown and Hennessey and Ingalls