Footsteps for Foothills fundraiser Saturday 6/15

The Foothills Pregnancy Resource Center is holding its annual fundraiser this weekend in Monrovia’s Library Park located at 100 S Myrtle Avenue at the northern end of Old Town.

The event will start at 8AM in the park with a Continental Breakfast sponsored by the First Christian Church Shilo Ladies Group. The events will end at 2 PM.

Part of the fun and excitement will be the “Block-a-thon” where you can sponsor a walker around library park at 50cents a lap (dang..keyboards don’t have cent signs any more???). Get your strollers out and start walking if you are so inclined.

This event will have a kids canrival, a dance contest and 2 Christian Rock Bands to keep you entertained. All sorts of Kid Carnival stuff too keep them entertained. This folksy event will also have several contests like the Mother/Daughter and Father/Son look alike contest.

This event is also easy on the pocket book. According to Janie Duncan, one of the organizers most of its 50 cents or a $1 as “I believe keep it under a buck and I can sell a million of them”.

The Foothills Pregnancy Resource Center is a Pro-life Organization providing alternatives to San Gabriel Valley and adjacent LA Metro area women who for cultural, religous or other reasons can’t use abortion as a method to solve an unplanned pregnancy. This registered Clinic has licensed staff, a full time nurse, and an ultrasound machine. They offer Pregnancy Testing, Post-Abortion Counseling, Community, Medical and Legal Referrals, and material assistance for Mother and Baby.

They are always looking for donations of cribs, diapers, formula and other baby items in good condition. The center is a place where mothers who choose to keep their babies can get the help they need throughout their pregnancy and delivery. On Sat. you can meet some of the mothers and the babies that have been helped by them.

The rest of their info….
Foothills Pregnancy Resource Center
924 Buena Vista Street #202
Duarte, CA 91010
(626) 358-2122
(877) 358-2122 (toll-free)

5 thoughts on “Footsteps for Foothills fundraiser Saturday 6/15”

  1. i will keep my choice position to a minimum here but looking at their site’s main page and the statement “choosing life will prevent you from suffering from the physical and emotional complications caused by abortion” made me see red. frazgo, i support your right to put this up here but groups like these engage in some pretty terrible rhetoric with scared young women…women go there lured in by a free pregnancy test and are “counseled” on the alleged long term consequences of abortion. the psychiatric and medical community has strenously studied this post-abortion syndrome falsehood and found little. using this pseudo-science on women facing a difficult decision is manipulative and dare i say, ‘unchristianlike’.

  2. Hey Amy…when I posted this I knew it would enrage and thats fine. Its not a policical issue for me but a resource issue. For those not sure where to turn when abortion isn’t their answer this is a place that can help them. It all about choice which is why it got posted secondary to knowing it would piss off a few.

  3. Dear Amy,
    From your comments I gather that you have had no personal experience with abortion or you would understand what it is to live with the loss of a child. I do not believe that showing a pregnant woman her unborn child and letting her make her own decision is in any way harmful. Lifefest is a positive fun event that supports resources, prenatal care and help with the baby items needed for these young mothers. These women are not “lured in”. They come of their own free will. Many have been abandoned by their own families and are just looking for help. If you want to do something good, drop off some diapers or formula or a used crib. That is the kind of help needed.
    Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord.
    Psalm 127:3

  4. liberals are the new facists if it were a pro-choice event they would be all over supporting it…

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