Holy Crap: Art, Music, Booze, DJs & Total Overstimulation

LateNight0607a.jpgI am so stoked on this. Late Night at LACMA is going down again on the 21st, and this one promises to be incredibly cool. It’s free to anyone/everyone, but you HAVE to rsvp.

For those who haven’t heard of [email protected] before, get out from under that rock and give it a shot. The fact that I’m talking up a LACMA event is a big deal ‘cos I used to work there and am sorta burned out on the place–but this event is so cool (anytime I can drink, dance, and see live art at a world-class museum until 3am is a winner), I’ve already rsvp’d. LACMA, your 18-to-35-year-old target-marketed campaign has worked with me!* But what happened to the thing where you stayed open all night? That was the bestest.

Of particular interest to me are appearances by Lucent Dossier Vaudeville Cirque, hit&run t-shirt (myspace) screenings, a DJ set by Steve Aoki and a performance from Ima Robot, and live art–that means he stands there & paints in front of you–by the dude who did that image to the upper right there (and who you saw on last year’s LA Weekly Best of LA issue), Ronald Kurniawan. They’re also gonna have street-vendor-style food like tacos and grilled sausages.

Make that bacon-wrapped hot dogs, LACMA, and I’ll sell you my soul.

A comprehensive list of appearances, artists, performers and other stuffs behind el jumpo.

* Sorry but I have no money to give you.

Late Night features:

Art on View:
Dan Flavin: A Retrospective
Dan Flavin Drawings
Select permanent collection galleries


Plaza Stage:
The Rebirth
Ima Robot

Plaza DJs:
The Internationalist
DJ El Melaaza

DJ Dub Asher
DJ El Magico
The Internationalist + other local DJs

Hammer Plaza:
DJ Steve Aoki + Crew

Lucent Dossier Vaudeville Cirque

Hairspray (8 pm)
Courtesy of New Line Cinema
In the Shadow of the Moon (11 pm)
Courtesy of THINKFilm

Book Signings:
Luminair, Nick Pugh
Lift Off and Start Your Engines, Scott Robertson
Daphne 01, Daphne Yap
Comic Book Penciling with Stephen Platt, Stephen Platt
Doodles, The Black Frog

Mural Making:
Ronald Kurniawan, interactive murals

Art Making:
Hit + Run, interactive t-shirt screening

Film Projections:
Museum of Traffic

Plaza Shop:
Tea Tasting with Teaposy
Chocolate Tasting with Bloomsberry
Lisa Roberts presentation and collectables
LA Artists, LA Gallery

13 thoughts on “Holy Crap: Art, Music, Booze, DJs & Total Overstimulation”

  1. the best steve aoki moment was a few weeks ago at an echo show where someone threw a bottle at him while he was DJing and splashed beer on him. the bottle missed… but it was close!

  2. ^^Lol! So close… I managed to drive by when LACMA had on a similar show a few years ago and there was a line down the block to get in. Thanks but I think I’ll pass.

  3. Hi Michelle…this comment not really related to your post, but wanted to say hi from another former burned out LACMA employee..(we used to work together in A&I). I still have the lovely journal you illustrated for me before I left for Venezia. Let’s catch up soon!

    ciao bella!

  4. It’s true the line may be hell. A rsvp is no guarantee their crowd-control system won’t be more intelligent that in former events.

    AS for the event not being “cutting edge,” that’s why they pay me the big bucks around here at metroblogging–to go undercover into the city and find the most avant-garde art and music possible! Fie! Fie on the placid cattle of the mainstream, complacently chewing their mass-produced overexposed pablum of preprocessed, prepackaged “entertainment!” Fie, I say!

  5. We tried to go this before as well and a line around the block is no exaggeration. It wrapped all the way down Wilshire, past the tar pits, up curson and back down 6th. I’d suggest going early, early, early if you’re concerned about getting in. That’s what we’re doing.

  6. I remember eyeballing that line and not becoming a part of it.

    In defense of the music selections though, the Rebirth is a damn good cali soul band sporting the Gilles Peterson seal of approval. If you’re in to that sort of thing.

  7. It’s a small small art world, my dear! I’m working now across the street from our former employment (not-so-subtle plug: http://www.cafam.org) let me know when you’re in the neighborhood so we can catch up!

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