DWP still working on it

In my endless quest to always find something to complain about and just to follow up to Ruth’s prior posts about the water situation here in Silver Lake I’d like to note that the water main that broke is directly next to my house and while I really appreciate that we’ve got water back and that they were so quick to respond to the water spraying out of the cracks in the street I also totally wish whatever machines they are still using out there to patch things up were just a tad more on the quiet side because damn, it’s almost 2am and that shit is LOUD!

Update: …and as if on cue, as soon as I posted this they started in with JACKHAMMERS.

2 thoughts on “DWP still working on it”

  1. Water coming out of cracks in the street is never good, how long before you post sinkholes in your area?

  2. I drove through it around 9PM last night. I was afraid that it was sewage but I had no other way up my street. Sorry Sean that you had to endure the noise but thank jebus they fixed it!

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