Sooth the Savage Retro Sweet Tooth at Scoops

scoopsblogla.jpg Got a sweet tooth and desire to have some of the real deal sweets from when we were kids? If you happen to be in Monrovia for the Family Festival and want an old fashioned ice cream soda, or on your way to the Krikorian Theaters for a movie and don’t want to get hosed on your treats Scoops is the place to stop.
Located at 120A East Lemon Avenue in Monrovia, a half block east of Myrtle Avenue, Scoops is one of those local instutions that every kid in town goes into overdrive hyperventilating when they get one of their nifty gift certificates.
While in say “Hi” to Andrea Robles who besides owning Scoops, she’s also a big supporter of all sorts of community events and charities. Kudos to any business that gives back to the community.
Now leave me alone I have a bag of lemon drops to finish off and then go vibrate in the corner for a while….