Remembering Mr. Wizard.

Child Benjamin was crushed today to hear the sad sad news that Don Herbert, perhaps better known as Mr. Wizard, passed away in Bell Canyon today. To understate it just a little bit, Mr. Wizard was the shit. Who doesn’t remember sitting around watching Mr. Wizard as a child (he’d been wizarding since 1951, c’mon, even you old folks should be hip to the Wiz.) He inspired generations of kids to blow things up in their backyards and think science is awesome.

If you need some more info you can check in on the Wikipedia page for Don Herbert or this awesome page at the Museum of Broadcast Communications.

The video above is Mr. Wizard appearing with David Letterman in February of 1982. Let’s all go make some science tonight, eh?

7 thoughts on “Remembering Mr. Wizard.”

  1. Gas works better as the hydrocarbon source…better combo of volatile btu’s which are easier to ignite. Don’t ask how I know….

    Yup sad to see Mr. Wizard go….inspired more than a few generations

  2. Man, this news made me really sad.

    Mr. Wizard definately fueled my interest in science.

    I’ll bring the batteries.

  3. :sniff:

    All we have left is Joseph Campanella from “What Will They Think of Next?”

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