8 thoughts on “Riding in Style”

  1. I tried IMDB and Wikipedia but cannot confirm.
    Wasn’t there a sight gag car like that in Mel Brooks’ film, “High Anxiety”?

    The car matched the bag, the outfit on the woman, etc.
    Possibly played by Madeline Kahn?

  2. It’s obviously a fake. A “real” Louis Vuitton car would never have an the initials “LV” chopped off (see rear fender) or incomplete.

  3. Kristen,

    You are correct. There’s a scene in “High Anxiety” where Madeleine Kahn’s character, who is wearing a plaid pantsuit and carrying a bag either gets into or out of (it’s been years since I’ve seen the movie so I don’t remember which) a car which is painted the same plaid as her outfit.

  4. I’ve seen this amazing sight before. The great thing is that someone actually took the time to do it up by hand. Pretty good job.

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