Monrovia man denies access to public lands

sawpitgate.jpg A week or so ago I wanted to take a hike and photo shoot up into the Sawpit Trail that eventually works its way up into Monrovia Canyon. I got to the entrance I usually take and it was locked up with a shiny new gate. Bummer, figured it was some sort of effort to keep us out of a potential fire area and went elsewhere.
Todays Monrovia Weekly had an eye opening explanation. Turns out a property owner erected the gate on his own denying hundreds of San Gabriel Valley Residents access to the trails that have been ours to enjoy for decades.
In reading the article I understand that a portion of the trail runs across the edge of his property next to a flood control channel. I don’t see any signs of “vandalism”, not even an urban artist has visited that area as it is very overgrown with a variety of plant material. I don’t get it. Will keep you posted when the trail reopens as it is a nice place to hike and take in some vistas and interesting rock formations and lots of green stuff.

3 thoughts on “Monrovia man denies access to public lands”

  1. Should be considered grand larceny. Theft of priceless public property. Totally unacceptable.

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