A Curious Thing: Blue Line Station Punking

Riding the Blue Line back from the Long Beach destination of the 7th Annual L.A. River Ride this morning the strangest thing I’ve ever seen go down on mass transportation happened. Standing with my bike at the back of the last car as the train pulled up to the Willow station I saw a young kid nonchalantly sitting solo on the platform with his back against a column. After the train stopped and the doors opened suddenly there was the kid leaning in to look furtively around. He glanced at me a couple feet from him and then looked in the opposite direction downcar and in a flash reached out to the seated passenger nearest to him, smacking him on the side of the head and bolting back out and down the platform before anyone could react with anything but surprise. Not injured but nonetheless startled and with glasses askew from the blow , the struck passenger looked around in shock but made no attempt at a pursuit, and when I leaned out the door before it closed the kid had stopped running and was just standing there a bit dejected when he saw no one was chasing after him.

So in asking myself why the fuck would a juvenile do something so delinquently chickenshit all I could come up with was the twisted kid was entertaining himself with a prank wherein the minor assault is committed in hopes of punking the victim into a pursuit off the train and then laughing stupidly and out of reach when the trains seals up and leaves, stranding the assaulted until the next train comes along. Or to be even more devious and paranoid maybe there was something worse in store, as in what if the kid’s gotta a prebuscent posse hidden nearby looking to intimidate and antagonize the strandee… or worse.

Whether I’m on target or way off-base, be on your guard out there whether the line you’re on be blue, red, purple, gold or orange.

10 thoughts on “A Curious Thing: Blue Line Station Punking”

  1. animals, fortunately karma will step in and get even with them for us in its own time

  2. Nothing “punking” about it. It’s battery and it’s a crime. Time for the transit police to get involved. Do they have cameras down there?

  3. There’s another thing I’ve seen on the Red Line where the dipshit(s) will walk alongside a train that is about to leave and, just as the train is beginning to pull out, knock on one of the windows. When you (the seated passenger) turn and look out the window, the dipshit(s) spit on the window, wave, laugh at you, and walk away. There is, of course, nothing you can do about it even if you wanted to, because your train is now leaving.

    When it happened to me, I just smiled and waved back, thus depriving the idiot of the reaction he so clearly wanted. It’s not that I’m particularly quick witted, it’s just that as a result of riding my bike on public streets I have become very good at keeping my cool when fucktards in cars try to distract or scare me. I expect that 99 times out of 100, people react with outrage, disgust, or anger, which is exactly the reaction being sought.

    Anyway, when it comes to outright “happy slapping” type physical assault, I imagine the best thing to do if you see it happen is stick your leg out and trip the little cocksucker as he runs out the door.

  4. Daniel…

    Yeah, and maybe he’ll trip and end up under the train as it pulls away, leaving littlemore than a stain on the tracks as a warning to any other little pos’s thinking of the same stupidity.

    Damn it’s late and I think I’m getting a little overly cynical. Time for bed.

  5. thats why you never sit in a bus seat near the back door, the kids will hit you in the head or try to grab something before they run out the door.

  6. Ah, The Ghetto Blue… My question is why did Will Campbell (who supposedly, rides his bike all the time) take the chairlift (train) back to L.A., rather than riding the extra 35 miles back to Griffith Park like I humbly did?

  7. If he would have chased, caught and shot the little punk, he would have been the bad guy.

  8. Tar, a good question and an even better exaggeration as to the level of my cycling.

    Be that as it may, the answer as to why I didn’t pedal all the way back from LBC as you so nobly did is two-fold. First because I had volunteered with the LACBC to be at Union Station to help direct the 45-mile ride participants disembarking the Red Line as to where they had to go to get back on course for the last 10-mile stretch back to Griffith Park. Second because I took a nasty spill on my bike before Midnight Ridazz Friday night resulting in some bothersome external injuries along with some bruising and soreness that left me plum tuckered out (made even moreso by the headwinds coming into Long Beach along the river bikeway). So there. Pffffff.

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