Readin’ & Rawk, Together Again

So tonight’s the release party for Penny-Ante‘s second publication, Penny-Ante #2 (myspace). Big deal, you say? Okay, sure–if you don’t wanna read writing or see art by Bill Callahan (Smog), Sam Coomes (Quasi), local hero Moris Tepper, Lene Lovich, Silver Apples, Indian Jewelry, Slim Moon (Kill Rock Stars), Ariel Pink, The Moon Upstairs, Winter Flowers, my former coworker and gonzo writer Evan George, the poet Ryan Chase, and…LA Record? My ears are pricking up for that one.

Playing the show will be cosmic cowboys Spindrift, knob-twiddler Ariel Pink, RTX, Moris Tepper, Qui (with David Yow of the Jesus Lizard), and a slew of DJs who know their shit. Hand over $12, get in to the show, and get a free book. Yay!

It’s taking place at Shep Fairey’s digs down on 6th Street–1269 E. 6th St., Downtown, right offa Alameda.