Pasadena Strip Club Gets Free Publicity

Out in East Pasadena, where Whole Foods competes for attention with obnoxiously large car dealerships and looking too long at a woman on the corner will get you propositioned for a “date,” there is a gentleman’s club called Pleasures.

I’ve never been, but according to my friend Steve, it’s “the place strippers go when nobody else — not even Hooters or Craig’s List — will have them.”

However, Pleasures got itself a bit of free publicity this week when it was raided by the fuzz:

More than a dozen performers at an adult club in Pasadena had to take an unscheduled break late Friday when police cited them during a surprise inspection.

Pasadena police say the 14 performers at Pleasure’s Gentlemen’s Club were engaging in excessive nudity and illegal contact with patrons.

The performers were cited at the club and released.

There were seventy customers in the joint when John Q. Law came knocking, which tells me that maybe my friend had no idea what he was talking about. That, or there’s a particular fetish for really hideous strippers. Hey, whatever bumps your gind, dude.

But the citations seem a little silly to me. Excessive nudity? At a strip club? Illegal Contact? At a strip club?
What’s next? Excessive beer in a bar? How about excessive annoying parents at a little league game?

This sounds more to me like someone missed their kickback to the right people. Either way, if you’ve been to Pleasures and care to weigh in, feel free. Your secret’s safe with us.

3 thoughts on “Pasadena Strip Club Gets Free Publicity”

  1. Damn…there’s hookers on Foothill and Rosemead? All this time it was just tired secretary’s looking for a ride home. Who’da thunk it was a different ride and rate they were looking for.

    Kidding aside, I was wondering how long Pleasures would last as thats prime realestate in a corridor that is being overdeveloped….imagine how much more sales tax revenue can be generated if they get rid of the place and put something else like an expanded auto dealer in its place?
    Welcome to the overdeveloping of the 210 corridor, everyone is doing it now.

  2. I’ve never been (I’m gay, dudes), but I believe the “excessive nudity” charge comes from the fact that you can’t serve booze and feature total nudity. I could be wrong, but I think that’s the case.

  3. Though it’s been several years, I’ve been to Pleasures. Last time I was there I noted that while none of the dancers were in danger of being snapped up by Playboy scouts, neither were they hideous. In more than a few cases, “skanky” was a word that came to mind, but some dudes are into that, yo.

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