Where’s my brekkie pal?

This Hawk is one of a nesting pair that has called my street home the last couple of years. Hard to believe I live in one of the biggest metro areas in the country and have all this wildlife cruising through. This particular one sets itself up for the hunt every morning on the utility pole next to my garage. It will sit there for a while then whoosh off for the kill. In another 6 weeks their babes at the top of the tree next door will be learning to fly and hunt and will update you all on that – especially the part where they take their kill to my bird bath to let it rot and soften up what they can’t rip out on the first feeding.

3 thoughts on “Where’s my brekkie pal?”

  1. OMFG, every year I get a pair of hawks raising their kids in my backyard too! They love the tall eucalyptus here. I’ll see if I can get some pics.

  2. alrighty then…but they may wind up on my flickr page more often than here.

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