Surf Report 6/8 – What drought?


This report should be news to no one, since all of you were in the water with me this morning. Good weather + Friday + two prior days of good surf = Surfer Convention 2007. The waves were inconsistent, since it’s now mostly windswell that we’re relying upon, but people weren’t sitting around too much. This weekend is supposed to be weak at west facing beaches and decent at south facing beaches. Since we’re in a drought anyway, grab your board and let the ocean be your shower. That way we’ll all be caked with salt and smell like ass together.

Photo of today’s surf reposted with permission from Swellmagnet.

3 thoughts on “Surf Report 6/8 – What drought?”

  1. this may be dumb, but,
    ive recently starting surfing
    how do u know which is west facing beach,
    wsw etc?
    I normally go near the santa monica/ocean park areak, and eventaully will want to go over to Sunset/PCH too

  2. Wow, what a dumb question! Kidding! This was confusing to me when I started out. This map should help. Think of it this way: if you’re standing on the beach looking out to sea, which direction are you facing? If you see the sun setting, obviously you’re west. But if you see Antarctica… That’s why Santa Monica’s beaches are west facing and Malibu’s are south facing and San Pedro’s are east facing.

  3. Take a look at the map and swell map put out by Scripps Institute of Oceanography, the Coastal Data Information Program.

    If you look around on the site you’ll find close up views of your local beach. The swell information comes from buoys and rigs offshore. The information from them is relayed regularly to SIO and the website is updated frequently.

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