Pixelodeon This Weekend! And Tonight!!


I know that since Kent mentioned it here you’ve been sitting on the edge of your cubicle chair watching thew seconds on your clock widget tick by waiting for Pixelodeon Fest which is finally happening this weekend. Finally! Vloggers (and bloggers) from all over the place are converging on our city, and specifically on AFI, for this weekends events. Hare’s the full schedule of who is doing what when. If you don’t already have tickets you are totally screwed because it’s completely sold out, but don’t fret there are still options for you. (SEE UPDATE)The outside parties, like Vloggerwood Meetup are wide open to anyone who feels like showing up (and it only kinda conflicts with tonights midnight ridazz so if you are like me you can hit the party early and get your ride on later). If you’ve spent countless hours and untold dollar amounts trying to figure out a way to free your schedule enough to attend and still can’t pull it off you can still be a virtual hanger-on by following the Pixelodeon Twitter feed, or perhaps more exciting the Pixelodeon w/Friends Twitter feed (or just follow me which will be the most exciting shit ever) as well as the Pixelodeon Flickr Group. I’d also keep an eye on the flickr tag ‘pixelodeon2007‘ for things which might not end up in the group pool for one dumb reason or another. See you tonight, but make sure you get all fancied up because it’s a pretty safe bet that about a billion people will be filming you.

UPDATE: Tickets are for keynotes only, so even though this mofo is sold out screenings are free and open to everyone so you can still come by and see cool stuff, so I was a little off on the “totally screwed” thing before. Sorry!

One thought on “Pixelodeon This Weekend! And Tonight!!”

  1. But the AFI is so small for events in my opinion. Plus uncomfortable, hot, and a gateway to Satan’s hellish playground.
    Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing a wrecking ball accidentally rip though it. But then, its only my opinion. I’m the event will be cool.

    AFI Class of ’03

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